On Monday, November 28, 2011, my son Marquis and I were spending time together. My son left to visit his youngest son, I remember telling my baby “mommy loves you and I’ll see you tomorrow”. My tomorrow never came. On Tuesday, November 29th, my door bell rang and it was a detective coming to telling me that my son was killed.  He was shot in the back of the head and found lying in the street. That was a very painful and empty feeling that I would never wish on anyone. I wanted this nightmare to end. I wanted to see and hold my son.

I know God as the head of my life and I need to keep myself wrapped up in his prayer and around positive people. I had to bury my son at 24 years old. He leaves behind two sons and a daughter. This whole tragedy hurts because Marquis valued life and he wanted to live. Through my storm God has placed people around me so that I do not lose myself in my heartbreak. Today I am searching for change, support, peace and justice for my son and the many families that have gone through this type of loss.

Currently detectives are still investigating my son’s death.  I'm waiting and hoping that the person who killed my son is caught and justice is served.  I will continue to pray because I know God is the only way I can get through this. I thank everyone who has shared their stories with legacy lives on.  I will continue to share my son's legacy and aim for change.  Through the death of my son, came the birth of Legacy Lives On.  Peace and blessings to all.  

Clarissa Turner 

Don't Give Up On God, He Will Not Give Up On You.  
My Story Is Now My Testimony!  With God...I Am Making It Through


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